Pronosticador de Tormentas FitzRoy
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FitzRoy´s Stormglass

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A very rudimentary form, a forecaster of storms or Stormglass is a kind of planet Earth in miniature, to all parties, and take a look at the weather forecast. This ingenuity was generally used among the sailors in the 19th century, and was developed by Admiral Robert Fitzroy (the first meteorologist of the history) during the scientific expedition of the HMS Beagle, with Charles Darwin. A kind of chemical device known since the 1th century, which became popular with the design of the Fitzroy barometer.

It consists of a glass vessel completely sealed, usually shaped cylinder, full of a mixture of liquids which, on the basis of its appearance, tells us that weather is coming. The mixture is composed of distilled water and ethanol, and to a lesser extent: potassium nitrate, ammonium chloride and camphor. It must be careful with the mix order, since if the addition is performed in another order, it could explode.

How is it able to predict the time that mixture of substances enclosed in a container? Explains José Miguel Viñas in meteorological curiosities:

The variations in air temperature and atmospheric pressure cause changes in the solubility of the mixture, which gives as a result the changing appearance of the liquid. The greater or less turbidity or the presence or absence of flakes, crystals or filamentous structures can be identified, such as Fitzroy, established it with certain changes in time for the next few hours. Liquid clear, without impurities, is indicator of blue skies and sunny atmosphere, while if it is muddy, be it will cloud, with possible rain. If in the bosom of the liquid are small specks, mist or fog can be expected, and in the snow, his possible arrival (during the day light) is betrayed by the presence of small feathers whitish, similar to the ice that sometimes forms. If those same crystals arise with the murky liquid instead of clear, we have will then be Tempest or storm.

The correct interpretation of these formations will allow to predict the weather 24-48 hours in advance.

Imagine the feeling, for that time, observe a glass cylinder, like a bibelot in which snow if you shake them, but that really indicates how much time will do. Fitzroy was surely felt as the Australopithecines in 2001, an Odyssey of space, launching into the air the femur, or as Marie Curie one eyes to that speck of 0.0001 grams that was brighter than the Sun.

If they are made with a storm glass and want to try it really, then travel, along with their barometers, thermometers and hygrometers to more stormy places of the world.

As a curiosity, Fritzroy was, in addition to the inventor of the storm glass, a protagonist in the development of meteorology. Under his tenure at the Royal Society, a network of 24 weather stations, which sent information to London via Telegraph, was implemented. To embark on his second voyage on the Beagle, FitzRoy transported countless barometers and 22 chronometers, intending tore fine calculations of latitude that was available.

He created the synoptic charts, used for the visualization of atmospheric front sand their displacement.

But his true passion was the prediction of weather, with the idea that this could save lives. In this way, convinced the editors of the London newspaper the Times include weather forecasts in your publication. So, then, that on August 1, 1861 the first weather forecast of history is published.

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