Solar System Keyring + Pendant

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Charming design in astronomical jewelry, representing our Solar System with the Sun at the center and nine Planets that orbit. Conjunto de Colgante + Llavero Presentation: In an individual bags and operation intructions guide. The Sun and the Planets formed some 4.600 million years ago from a disk of gas and dust in galactic rotation, this phenomenon was eventually forming the Solar System we ..


Silver Saturn Keyring + Pendant

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Sundial type we call Saturn's equatorial to remember your design to this planet with its rings, made of metal silver is a perfect complement combining design and functionality, its small format makes it easy to port providing this tool to measure time anywhere in the world. Presentation: In an individual bag with a cord and operating instructions in Spanish, English, French and German. How it w..


Eclipse Theory Keyring + Pendant

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The design of this piece describes the cosmic alignment that the Sun, Earth and Moon should have to produce a solar eclipse or a lunar eclipse. Presentation: individual bag with drawstring and instructive caption.Theory: The eclipses are one of the most spectacular cosmic conjunctions of our solar system.A temporary eclipse is the occultation of all or part of a star by the interposition of anoth..


Apolo Pendant

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Apollo was a god multifaceted Greek and Roman mythology. In astronomy, named the Apollo space program and the spacecraft was achieved with the first step on the surface of the moon. Occurred on July 20, 1969, aboard the lunar module of Apollo XI, at a place called the Sea of ​​Tranquility. Presentation: In individual bags with silver ring, and operating instructions in Spanish, English,..


High Ring Keyring + Pendant

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The High Ring, is a height sun dial whose used during XVI, XVII and XVIII centuries. This one is a retort of the one made by German astronomer H.S.Thorn towards year 1700. Is made of metal with a bronze coating and has a booklet with instructions for use. NOTE: It could be delivered in an attractive gift box as a keychain, a pendant or as a clip format. If you prefer a pendant or clip, please no..


Astrolabe Keychain + Pendant

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Reprodution of a sixteenth-century Astrolabe which is preserved in the Museum of Oxford. It comes in a nice box and is accompanied by a small booklet with a brief history of the astrolabe. Even as a functional tool, its small size makes the measurements are imprecise. For more accurate use, we recommend the Astrolabe 10 that you can see also in this section. NOTE: It is delivered as a keychain, a..