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Ant Farm "Jungle Ants"

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The first Ant Farm was made by NASA. The idea was to take a colony of ants into space for astronauts to study their behavior in zero gravity. Later, this invention was sold to anyone who wanted could watch ants create their tunnels, feed and live. This ant farm is made of an acrylic material and super tough. Its interior is filled with a silicone gel blue, non-toxic and reusable. Just catch about 15 big ants from the same place and put them inside. Using a stick, make two or three holes in the gel to facilitate the entry of ants. They start digging and tunneling silicone. This silicone not only functions as an ecological habitat for these insects, but also provides them with all the food they need. Maintenance is so simple that anyone can deal with them: once a month should open the lid of the container to aerate the farm. That's it!

Please note that not all ants can dig. If you cannot see any activity during the first days, you´d better let them out and try again!

Some fun facts about ants:

 - There are an estimated 10,000 trillion ants living on Earth.

 - It is estimated that some anthills contain more than 20 million individuals.

 - Ants, along with the shark, are one of the oldest animals on the planet.

 - They are the strongest creatures in proportion to its size. They are able to carry 10-20 times their weight.

Dimensions: 17cm x 5cm x 14cm

Weight: 590gr

Age: +6

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1 Review (s) "Ant Farm "Jungle Ants""

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