Robot Humanoide X IOS
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Robot Humanoide X IOS/ANDROID

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The humanoid robot you've always wanted, but now completely updated! So you can enjoy it as well with your iOS / Android device.

The classic Humanoid Robot designed by the legendary Mark Tilden (NASA engineer who worked on a robot exploration of Mars) has been reborn and has reached Juguetrónica to stay.

The new humanoid Robosapiens X iOS / Android retains many of the features of its predecessor, almost 36 cm, multiple displacements, pan and tilt capability, mobility in all directions, complete functions with his arms and grippers. All it based on the principles of biological systems for greater mobility and versatility.

Its biggest innovation is certainly to control the device through iOS / Android, which gives it greater autonomy and expands gambling opportunities; and you just have to connect to the headphone jack.

It also includes a lot of new tricks, tracking mode, enhanced and unlimited programming steps to access the advanced interface.

If you prefer, you can use your remote control with ergonomic design that fits your hand and lets you control the humanoid Robosapiens X iOS / Android to perfection and all kinds of movements manually in real time or on a pre-programmed.

Humanoid Robosapiens X iOS / Android includes:

 67 pre-programmed functions.

Up to 84 steps to program movements.

4 modes of programming.

Pre-programmed sounds and sound effects.

Full mobility of arms and grippers.

Possibility of forward / reverse 2 speeds.

Turn right / left.

Possibility of own dance or demo mode.

Karate moves.

Remember that the humanoid Robosapiens X iOS / Android incorporates a lot of prerecorded sounds like greeting with a "heeey" whistle or burp, so your humanoid Robosapiens X iOS / Android can be like you want it to be.


Humanoid minimum requirements Robosapiens X iOS / Android:

iPad 2.

iPhone 2.

from fourth-generation iPod Touch.

Android 2.3.3.


512 MB.

Jack headphone jack 3.5 mm.

Rear camera.


 Humanoid Robosapiens X iOS / Android (batteries not included, needs 4 x D).

I send.

Control device for iOS / Android (batteries included. Requires 3 AAA batteries).

User manual.


Android devices, iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch is not included.

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